Saturday, 9 July 2011

Getting started

Ok, I am so excited. I wanted to start a blog for so long but I admit it I am a little underskilled with a computer but decided to google it and voila here I am.
Ok so here it goes, I wanted to write this just simply to express myself. I have many different sides of me and I just wanted someplaces to ramble. I probably will never be any good as I am not an elegant write but the blogs that I do write will be from the heart.
My husband and I have been married for 20 years. Although we have a great relationship we also have had our ups and downs. We have three amazingly talented beautiful children. Our oldest Matt is 19 and moving out on his own this August. Brandon our next is almost 18 and just moved out yesterday. Our baby Sarah is 13.
In the past 19+ years my life is been mainly about our children and ushering them here and there. Seeing this and that sporting activity. Now of course with two graduated and moving out shortly that although there will be some of the ushering and still many many dance events to attend, things are drastically changing.
For many years I have wanted to expand our family. I would love to adopt. Fairly recently my husband and I decided that they would like to look into domestic adoption. Although I would love a baby there is just so many toddlers and young children needing good homes so that is probably where we are going to look into. There is many variables in that equation though. How many? How old? What challenges are we willing to face? etc, etc, etc...
I am also a Christian. Although my husband is not he respects the fact that I am and allows me to bring up the children in a Christian enviroment. One of my greatest joys was when my daughter became a Christian this past winter.
Like I said I am a Christian but sometimes struggle with many things.
I tend to be lonely and depressed and that is very hard to except and admit.
I hope that this blog will help me cope with many things and also to grow my relationship with the Lord.

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