Friday, 19 October 2012

So much accomplished.

We had a great productive week here. Not to mention we through in a ton of fun activities as well. Last Saturday Rob and I went quading with friends while Sarah went to an Unhindered concert. It was tough who had the better time. Lol

This week I was hurt so I will admit I was a bit lazy, but now I am feeling almost 100% again so house cleaning was on the agenda for today. Not much fun, but very necessary.

As far as my 3 in 30 this month so far we have done a fair amount.

1. Continue to work on our outside chores and all the inside ones that are needing done before winter.
We managed to get most everything done outside. The only thing left is to take down the top of the gazebo. As far as inside we still have to plastic windows and a few other things but all in all I think that we just might manage to pull this one off. 

2. We had our first visit with our foster care support worker yesterday and as I said before she left a ton of information and a ton of paperwork for us to do. So this month I plan on working on that. The sooner we can get that done the sooner we can get our home study started. She figures over two months for the home study so I need to get on it. :)
Ok so the visit wasn't yesterday now, it was a few weeks ago but the goal is still the same. This week I actually managed to work on some of the forms. I went through them again today and realized there is still the ones that Rob and I have to fill our separately so I am hoping maybe this coming week we can get that finished. Next weekend is our course so I would like to get as much done as possible before then.

3. Working on crafts. I am hoping to get a lot of Christmas crafts/gifts done this month. This one is a bit more of the hopeful. LOL
As I mentioned last week I did some already. I showed my pumpkins on Monday.

 Have I got you intrigued yet? The top two are done and the bottom two I am just waiting to be able to go and get a couple supplies and then they will be done as well.
I can hardly wait! Squeal!!

This one is what was left over when I had done a particular craft. I also have another one I did this week that involves a mirror and some paint. I love it. I wish I had remembered to take before pics. :( 
I promise that I will keep you all involved in all these. So far I am really happy with them. 

*Edited to add the link up for the Beach glass craft

Well that sums up my week. A tad on the crazy side but happy to have so much accomplished.
Have a great weekend everyone!!
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  1. OOh...I'm totally intrigued by the crafts - can't wait to see the finished product!!

    1. LOL Read Monday's post I linked up another one. One I love.

  2. Great job!!! You're right, you did have a productive week! Glad it was a good one, too.

    1. Thanks Jeanine. I love these types of weeks.

  3. It looks like you are having fun with the crafts...I hope to figure things out so I have time for crafting again!

    1. It is refreshing for me. I love to craft always have and am just getting back into again. It is fun to get the creative juices flowing.

  4. You have definitely piqued my curiosity with you pictures of your crafts. I can't wait to see what they are!

    1. Nikki check out Monday's post to see another one finished. I love this one. It is is so easy.