Monday, 1 October 2012

Felt flowers

I came across this pin and I thought it looked really cute. So what do I have to do but try and make it. :)
This is what it looked like when I did it. :)

Actually both Sarah and I really like it. I think it is really cute. Probably more for a younger girl, but we might be getting one so... LOL  (Ok that process is a long ways off yet but a girl can dream. ) In the mean time Sarah has no problem wearing it.

It is actually really easy to make.
I made one similar to the directions:

I also liked the way it came out but thought I would try and make it a bit fuller.

So for the white one I cut 3 squares of felt. 1- 4x5, 1-3x6, and 1-2x7.

Then I folded them in half the long ways.

Then I cut slits mostly the way through them.

Until they were all finished. Then I hot glue the two sides together at the uncut end.

White cupboards and white felt do not take a great picture. LOL

Then I started to roll the biggest one up. I used hot glue to in the middle of the 'flower' to help keep it together. Then added the next size and then the next size. Each time fastening them with hot glue. This is kind of hard to take a picture of and do at the same time. :)

The middle of the 'flower'.

Then I cut out a small round section of the felt and hot glued it on to the bottom.

Then added an alligator clip and fastened it on with hot glue as well.
This is what it looks like finished.

For the purple felt I did virtually the same but fastened it onto a head band that we had on hand.

I really enjoyed making them and they were fairly straight forward and pretty easy to make.

I hope you will try and make some of your own. If you do please comment back and let me know how they turned out.


  1. Hmm....they look fun and easy! Thanks!

    1. No problem Aurie. They were easy. I want to make more now. :)

  2. that is really cute!! great job! I might have to show Elayna so she can make some!

    1. Thanks Jenilee. I'm glad you like them. If Elayna makes some please show me as I would love to see them.