Friday, 5 October 2012

A new month brings some new changes..

Wow what a crazy month September was and October is fast shaping up to be the same.
My son turns 21 this month. Not sure how that happened.
We have our first course on foster to adopt.
Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend and we are doing two. One just over 2 hours east from us tomorrow and one 4 hours south of us on Sunday. Lots of driving, but worth it to see family.

However even as busy as our life is right now I still want to work on some goals. So without further ado here they are :

1. Continue to work on our outside chores and all the inside ones that are needing done before winter.
If you remember from last month when I posted before pictures of some of the projects I wanted to do well here is the after pics. However we still have tons to do such as winterizing the trailer, raking the leaves, plasticing the windows, cleaning under the stove, etc. See lots yet. :)

Patio door sill after tons of cleaning. I see we need to repaint our jams. :)
 What it looked like behind the china cabinet when I pulled it away from the wall.
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 After, much nicer.

2. We had our first visit with our foster care support worker yesterday and as I said before she left a ton of information and a ton of paperwork for us to do. So this month I plan on working on that. The sooner we can get that done the sooner we can get our home study started. She figures over two months for the home study so I need to get on it. :)
Not only is there a pile of paperwork, but we have a lot to do to get our house ready as well. We also have our course this month. Whoohooo!!

3. Working on crafts. I am hoping to get a lot of Christmas crafts/gifts done this month. This one is a bit more of the hopeful. LOL

I am linking up with Aurie. Come over and encourage other women in their 3 in 30 goals.


  1. So great about your fost/adopt moving along. Are you going to the classes this month? We were going to but have to postpone things b/c of some stuff in our lives. There is a lot of work to do but it IS worth it. We've done it four times...or is that more? I have lost track. LOL! It's the adoption labour.

    1. We are going to the classes this month. LOL I like to think of it as trying to get 'paper pregnant'. I hope things are going well. Would love to sit down and catch up with you. Email me sometime. :)

  2. Great goals for this month, Sherri! Blessings as you work through them. And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    1. Thanks Jeanine. It was a fantastic weekend.

  3. You've got great goals for the month! I hope things go well for you with your foster to adopt journey!

  4. Wow - how exciting! I remember going through the mountain of paperwork - wow!

    1. It is and also very nerve racking as my 'baby' is 14. Lots to do but looking forward to each step closer. :)