Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bird's Nest pins

When I stumbled across these I knew I had to make some.
Enter in tonight. A cold chilly night and I am stuck waiting for Sarah at dance, for 4 hours. Not that these took 4 hours to make. In fact they whip up in about 5 minutes or so.

Isn't that just darling.
They are really easy to make I promise. In fact the whole thing cost me way less than a dollar to make..21 cent each plus the glue from the hot glue gun. :)
See cheap and easy.

First you take some felt and cut a circle in it. I used a drinking glass. When I measured it the diameter was 3.2 inches.

Then after I cut the circle out I started to cut into the circle around and around until I had a little end on it. I am about 3/4 of the way around in this pic.
Then I started to hot glue it together. The first ones I did I started at the largest end and tried to make a nest that way but for the last one I started at the beginning and wrapped around from that point. This was a lot easier.

Then I took 3 cute little fuzzy balls that for a package of 88 in the dollar store in a variety of colors I thought was a great deal. :)
I added hot glue on each one and placed it in the center of the 'nest'.

See easy peasy so far. Just watch your fingers on the glue. Mine are VERY attracted to it apparently. :)
If you like keep a glass of ice cold water nearby to dip your fingers into if you do get a bad burn. I am used to it so I don't really even notice. :)

Next cut out two leaves out of green felt. Well I imagine you could use any color but I was being traditional here. :)
Then attach these to the back of the nest under the big piece of felt.

Then finish gluing the big piece of felt onto the bottom of the nest.

Next I grabbed a pin. Again they were 10 for a dollar. I glued it onto the bottom of the nest.

That's it you are finished. Well you might want to take off all the glue string hairs. LOL

Sarah thought they would look really cute on a barrette as well.
I think they look really cute clustered together.

I also do love the blue one on my purse. I think I will also throw one on my winter jacket to remind me winter is fleeting and spring will be here soon. Sad that I am trying to think that way when It is only the 2nd of October, but we did have a really chilly day today. Looks like we will be seeing winter sooner rather than later.

Have a great day everyone.

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