Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Truth Tuesday

I was sitting here thinking about this little slice of me here called Love, Laughter, Friendship and Faith and I am amazed where I am from where I started.
Ok I will explain.
When I first started to blog I wanted a way to put down my feelings, talk about my life without fear of discrimination, or persecution. I know, I know you are all saying so you started to blog??? Yep I did.
I live in a very small community. Although there is two churches ( a catholic and a protestant) it is still a very tight closed community. Most of the individuals in this town ( some of my friends included) like to drink a lot and party a lot. Church, God and faith are not high on their priority list. I have been shunned because I chose to attend church, I believe in God, I take my daughter to church ( and she is now a Christian!!!!), and I have also recently started homeschooling our daughter.
Most of the individuals around here think I am kinda crazy.
Now don't get me wrong I still like to go and visit my friends, maybe even have a glass of wine or two but my family very rarely parties like that. We prefer to get together with friends, visit, maybe play cards, love to quad, and sled with or without friends.
We prefer to spend time as a family maybe watching a movie, a football game or just simply hanging out and visiting.
Yes that is why I started to blog. I had already been on several blogs reading and getting some ideas for homeschooling as well as reading about some fantastic Christian women.
However things have changed. I never in a million years think that I would get to know (through their blogs) some really amazing ladies.
 Some ladies such as Jenilee at Our Goodwin Journey or Lynette at Dancing Again I feel like we would be fantastic friends if we lived closer together. They constantly inspire me and entertain me. I laugh a lot with them over their daily living and can relate amazingly well. Other ladies such as Ann at A Holy Experience inspire me to be a better person. Then their are ladies that live right here in Canada and actually not that far from me that I love to read about and to hear what is happening in their lives. They also inspire me and lift me up. Such as Sharla at The Chaos and the Clutter and Marcy at Love my Life whom both have adopted some wonderful children to help complete their lives. As well as Carla at Here I am.... I mean come on this girl is living in my home province, plus she simply inspires me to be a better person. Then there is this cool lady, Michelle at Lost in the Prairies...Found by God,  who is actually friends with my cousin ( which all in all I think is pretty cool), but then she goes and writes this great blog that continually causes me to evaluate my Christian walk in a very good way.
There is few other ladies that I read and I thoroughly enjoy but these ones I keep coming back to time and time again.
I hope that they know how much they inspire me, make my day, brighten my day, and cause me to be a better person.

So now I blog not just to talk to cyper world aka no one in particular, but also to talk to my 'friends'. A chance to visit the only way we can and the chance to get to know one another a little better.

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