Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thankful Thursday

We started back to homeschooling full time this week. I am finding such a lack of drive on my part to get back at it. I find myself easily frustrated and tend to let her slack off a it more.

Yesterday I decided that enough is enough and she schooled for a good chunk of the day yesterday. So today back to alarm setting earlier and getting back full force into the swing of things. It was bumpy. Very very bumpy. But something happened today that I knew right away I was going to blog about it. Very conveniently for me that today is Thankful Thursday. :)

We did our morning devotions and prayer and then she started school. Now most of her school work is done on the laptop, predesigned by her homeschool teachers. I teach religion and spelling as well as writing.
Anyway a little off topic but back on I go. She started off today with home ec. She had to make a smoothie and than write a lap report on it. For the lap report there was a section in which I graded her on her work. There was 5 questions for 10 points each. Ok here is the part where I got excited. Are you ready for it???

When I finished grading her she was adding up the total she got. That's not the exciting part, this is. She added it up all in her head. No fingers, no calculator, nothing but her cute little brain. Math is something she struggles with. She is in grade 8 and this is the first time she added something like that up. I am so happy!! It totally solidified why I am doing this again.

I am so thankful that this is working despite all my anxieties, all my grumpiness that happens occasionally, despite all my fears, it is really working. She is learning!!! Yay!!!

Praise be to God!!!!

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