Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A trip back in time.

I was reading Jennilee's post on taking a 'trip' back in time. Essentially posting old photographs and sharing them with her readers as a means of scrapbooking for her.
I thought that this was a fantastic idea and I think I will try and remember to do this every Wednesday.

I have so many old photographs as most a good chunk of my married life so far was without digital cameras. I had three babies and took a fair amount of pics of them.

I must admit I had a very hard time trying to decide which one I would put up first.
This picture takes me back in time to when my sonny used to run across the room to throw his arms around me for a great big hug. To when I received kisses freely and snuggles daily. As much as I love the young man that he has grown in to, ( he is now 18), I very much miss the days of cuddles and love.


  1. what a great photo! I'm so glad you were inspired to post this today :)

    1. Thanks Jenilee!! It is so much fun to take a look at these older photos and remember.