Monday, 16 January 2012

Homeschooling, Busy day and Another loss

Well today was not necessarily the best day we have had. Not even by a long shot.

What do you get when you have a hormonal mother and a hormonal daughter working together? Not love and roses that is for sure. LOL

It could have been a lot worse I suppose and we did manage to get some things done that have been postponed but really not the best time in this house.

However this afternoon when she was allowed to go outside and play with her friends I managed to accomplish quite a bit. Some things that I have been putting off and dreading.

I managed to finally find my dresser and desk again. Whoohooo!! I managed to clean up our bedroom and I will go to sleep tonight not only in a clean room but also on clean sheets. ( I love laundry day!!)

I managed to clean up my kitchen including wiping stove completely down and cleaning behind some appliances.

I managed to get all the laundry done! Most of its folded and put away just waiting on some of the stuff that is hung to dry.

I managed to tidy up the spare room that used to be the school/craft room until my son's living room furniture is being stored in there. ( We now do school at the kitchen table which actually works pretty good)

We both managed to blow off some steam and with our time apart we are enjoying each other more fully now. :)

I also made quiche for supper tonight. This is one of mine and Sarah's favs. The boys and Rob do not care for it at all so I only usually make it when its just us girls. (which now is more often than not just us two)
I love this supper because it is so easy and really not overly bad for you, other than the bacon and the whipping cream ( but that is only 1/2 cup so not terribly bad).

Now I sit and rest abit before I have a bit more to do as I am heading to my parents home for a funeral tomorrow. I lost another cousin. After I had lost so many in the past two years I was hoping that there would be a reprieve but no such luck. I am truly happy that this wonderful lady whom has suffered so much is now at rest and able to be with Jesus, her husband and her Mom. I am sad particularly for her sons as they truly mourn her loss.
I am lucky that my handsome hubby will be heading home on the early flight tomorrow so he will be here to take Sarah to her dance and I don't have to worry about that at all. I makes my heart happy knowing he was able to do that for us.

Well I guess I must get up and finish up, going to be an early morning tomorrow as I must do Sarah's bun hair plus get all the little stuff done for her dance tomorrow.

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