Friday, 13 January 2012

3 in 30

Ok ok I know I am really late for this month. I know that I more than likely will have to spill into next month, but I am ok with that. Truly I am. LOL
I am planning on using 2012 to make my home into a fine oiled machine. Make myself into an amazing wife and mom and last but not least strengthen my walk with Jesus.

So without further ado here is my January 3 in 30 list.

1. Finish up my to do sewing list I have. I still have a couple of blankets unfinished so I really want to get them done this month.

2. Clean up and declutter my desk. I like to go through all my files in January shred the old ones and refile last years away so that the new year files are clean and ready for the current year.

3. Try new recipes weekly. This will probably end up being an on going goal all year. Even if I don't always write in my 3 in 30. I have recently fallen in love with Pinterest and have found so many delicious looking recipes there. Many that are gluten free as well so going to try and make a whole bunch of new recipes for my family.  I have tried a couple and they need to be tweaked a bit for my fussy daughter (although my 18 year old son loved them).

There it is, my first 3 in 30 for 2012. I must say it feels a little bit surreal.

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