Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Truth Tuesday

I have an addiction to food.
Yep, I love it!!! I want it way too much. I use it for comfort. I use it for celebration. I use it for justification. I use food.
I am overweight. Way too much overweight. I makes me sad to look in the mirror and I have become a pro at not actually looking at my body. Instead focusing on my hair or my clothes.
I have dieted in the past to not avail and also exercised in the past. Just when I started to look and feel better I either got sick or my life got busy enough that I neglected that part of me and voila here I am again.
I promise myself that this year will be different. I am going to lose these pounds, these inches. But then something happens and there goes that. I did say I use food as a comfort right?
I often am sick after meals. Not making myself sick but I get diarrhea way too much. So I decided to do some research and find out what could be causing it. After all not necessarily could all the foods be tied together. I would have dairy one time and be sick, the next be perfectly fine. So google I went. I found out that a person could have a gluten allergy without being celiac. When I researched the gluten allergy more, I found I have A LOT of the symptoms. The thing that they suggested I do is quit all my glutens for 8 weeks. Yep you heard right 8 WEEKS!! That is along time when I love my food, all food. (homemade cinnamon buns, pasta, chocolate bars, granola bars, etc) But I decided it was worth a try.
So this is week 3. Other than one time I have not had a reaction. However this is so hard. I miss some things so much. I can not wait for a time for me to stop craving it. Now keep in mind I do not know that I have a gluten allergy for sure, I am just trying to find out.

Wow what a ramble I went on. Sorry. I guess it just goes to show how heavy (pun intended) this is.

Whatever your true struggle has been this week: a cluttered house, yelling at your kids, battling your weight, harbouring resentment towards a sister-in-law, taking out your frustrations on your husband, feeling guilt over the unfinished lists, refusal to forgive, distance in your relationship with God, feeling inadequate, feeding your kids cereal for supper, having unmet expectations, wishing for something you can’t have, not teaching your kids, skipping church, cutting someone off in traffic, being choked by anger, ignoring your responsibilities, wearing dirty socks because there’s no clean laundry… join in the Truth tuesday link up over at Sharla's at Chaos and the Clutter.

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  1. I have quite a few friends who have had really good results with cutting gluten out of their diet. They now feel more energy, crave food less, have lost weight, and don't have stomach trouble anymore. I think it's great that you're trying it.

    I have a love-love relationship with food, but a hate-hate relationship with what my love-love relationship with food does to my thighs! As I get older, I can't lose weight as easily as I used to be able to and the stress in my life does contribute to me eating more. I guess that makes me an emotional eater too.

    I would find it nearly impossible to stay away from gluten, though I do love thai food and a lot of it is gluten free. Anyway, I wish you all the best for the remaining 5 weeks of your gluten-free experiment! Thanks for linking up to Truth Tuesday!