Saturday, 22 March 2014

Holiday Day 3

If you missed it here I wrote about the first day.
Here I wrote about day 2.
So if you are keeping track today of course is day 3. LOL

I left you yesterday by saying we spent the night in Rosetown. My handsome hubby has a friend that lives in that community so we tried hard to reach him, but he was working. Also I found out while I was there I have a friend that lives not far from there in fact the next day we drove right by her house. Unfortunately she was not home either. :(

So we decided to head back in the direction of home but I wanted to make a pit stop at the Great Wall of Saskatchewan, which has extra coolness of being located near a town named Smiley. I mean how cool is that. That would be so cool to be from that area. LOL
Now if any of you know anything about Saskatchewan, is that the southern part of the province is FLAT! I mean see for miles flat, so to see a great wall??? We knew we had to make that stop!! lol

So off we went, stopping in Kindersley for some French Vanilla Capp's at Tim's we took off. It was a bit difficult to find as it was poorly marked and it had rained a fair amount so the roads were not great, but eventually we arrived at our destination.
Driving up to it. No real parking so we had to turn around and park in a field entrance and walk back.

One small faded sign explaining about it. 

My handsome hubby pointing out the size of it.

They had these little place along the wall with all types of old farm equipment.

Along the walk we came across this sod house.

It always blows me away how thick the walls were and how dark it must have been in there.

My handsome hubby and I. And of course I'm sporting my awesome Ducky Dynasty gear. Love them!!
After there we started to head back to Alberta.
We got as far as Macklin and saw this as their tourist info booth. How could we not stop?? haha

So apparently the game of bunnock is a pretty big deal around these parts. Might have to go back one August long weekend and check it out.
Then right around the corner was Alberta.

I made him stop at silly things like this all the time. He's a pretty good sport about it. :)

The funny part about all of this is that shortly after we traveled into Alberta we hit road construction and were stuck beside the road for a good half hour.

 The following pics are what 3 days in a car do to us. Or it could have been the forever wait on the construction crew. hahaha

Yep we were a little nutso by this point. hahahaha Too long without kids???? lol
 Heading home. Sad for it to be over but loved the connection we regained during it.

The really weird thing is that the idea to holiday is Saskatchewan was my idea. I am a born and raised Saskatchwanite and wanted to explore more of my birth province. Typically we holiday in BC simply because we both LOVE it there, but I wanted to do something a bit different.
After this trip we started to look around at real estate there and realized what all we could get. One month later we were back looking at places. A week after that we put an offer in on a place only to have that deal fall through. 4 months after our holiday we moved into the first place we actually looked at in Saskatchewan.
I have to say I honestly love it here. I love or little piece of life that we are craving out.
So thrilled that we were led on this holiday not only for the fact it led us to this relocation, but also for ability for us to reconnect and grow closer to one another.

Day one
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