Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Focusing on positives

It has been an interesting beginning to 2014 already. Not necessarily terrible other than the loss of a old family friend but interested.
We have tried since the the 19th of December to get satellite TV at our house. Because of the chilly temps they re-booked 4 different times. Finally came this week.
We moved and cleaned long past when I thought we would be done.
We have also had incredible chilly temps for the beginning of the year.

Last year I knew I spent a lot of time wallowing in depression so this year I want to really make a conscious effort to focus every week on my blessings.

So even though it took them three weeks I now have TV once again.

One of the major advantages of moving to here was to be able to take my parents to their doc appointments. Today I did just that.

Since we moved our cat has gone a little crazy. She is finally starting to calm down. Although she has a hard time leaving me alone. So as I spent some time in my new office today working, and she kept getting in my way I decided to improvise and make her a little bed to put right beside me. She curled up and went right to sleep.

Although we have had crazy winter temps and wicked roads here the past few weeks. Today when my handsome hubby went back to work the roads were mostly clear.

As I was unpacking more of my office/craft/sewing room I realized how thankful that I have this space just for me. Just for me to have my stuff. To be able to craft and sew without worrying about the mess I was making. To have all my office stuff together and organized. Here's to hoping I can keep it that way all year. :)

I'm linking up today with Aurie and sharing our blessings. Come join us and share yours.


  1. Sounds like a lot to be thankful for. It's been cold down here, too, but I have a feeling that our cold doesn't compare to your! :)

    1. Cold is cold no matter what you are accustomed to. Either way it can still be the pits. Hoping it warms up for you soon. :)

  2. Yay for your craft room!! Mine is a disaster at the moment - I call it part of the creative process!!

    1. Well if I ever get it unpacked I will be thrilled. Baby steps right? LOL
      I love that. That's what I will say to my hubby when he asks about the craft room. Creative process!! :)