Friday, 10 January 2014

Checking in on a beautiful Friday

It's hard to believe that only 5 days ago it was -48C here with the wind chill. Considering this afternoon we were up to only -10C with the wind. It was almost like summer!!! hahahahaha

When the sun started to come up today I knew I had to get outside and take a walk.
But I was going to wait a bit first. You know have another cup of coffee and chill out. lol

But the lure of it kept coming back. 
This is how it started.

Then it just kept calling my name.

Finally I couldn't resist anymore so I grabbed my camera, my zoom lens (sorry don't know the technical name) and a filter hubby had got me a year ago for Christmas, and Sarah and Skylar and I went out for a walk.

Sorry the pictures I am showing you are just from my iPad. I went to download the pics I took today and because we moved our camera cord is packed away safety in one of our 100 boxes we have yet to unpack. 
Hopefully soon. I have some adorable ones of the two of them running.

Anyway after that beautiful walk I decided to clean some of the house today. I unpacked another 5 boxes!!! Whoohooo!!!!!!

So without further chitchat here is my update on my 3 in 30 for the new year.

1. Strengthen my faith.
I am spending time in a bible study every morning. Plus the church where we will be attending is reading the bible chronologically this year so I joined in with my YouVersion app. Also as our bible study group some of us ladies are memorizing some bible verses this year. We will be doing one a week and I have it memorized. Of course it is still only the first one. Check back with me in a couple of months. LOL 

2.  Organize, plurge, clean.
Well I tackled quite a few of the boxes this week. Considering I was busy Monday getting groceries in the city, Wednesday was a funeral and Thursday I took my parents to doc appointments I am feeling pretty good about this one. 
I managed to print of my life changers but as of yet haven't posted them.
Today I started to do some deep cleaning. I want to really focus on keeping a clean house this year as I would love to be able to have people visit and not feel like they are walking into a disaster zone.

3. Family/Health
Well this one I did somewhat luke warm on. I did managed to eat some healthier foods, but we still have way to much junk from Christmas that I am still consuming. I need to make this more consistent. I am hoping to cut up the veggies and leave in fridge as they are easier to snack on then.
The walk today with Sarah was great. As long as the weather holds I am hoping to get out everyday with her.

4. Adoption.
Not much new on this one. We both agreed that we need to decide soon on what we are going to do and make that commitment.
I am so torn as I am ALWAYS felt led to international adoption. Particularly China, but a few weeks ago a friend posted a link to a waiting child in Alberta. I popped over to check it out and there was another girl on that site that I just can't get out of my mind.
I am praying about it. 
I would also love prayer on it as well if you think about it. Thank you!

Well that is all for now. 
Have a great weekend everyone if you don't hear back from me until next week.
Later gaters. :D


  1. Love, love LOVE the photos! While I'm not really a snow girl, I do love taking pictures of fresh snow!

    1. Thank you. I love taking nature pics. Especially sun ones. I do love snow. Just not the all the cold we were having this winter. I must prefer these -12C temps. :)