Monday, 28 January 2013

Braving the elements

Yesterday some warmer weather combined with some moisture brought in a pile of fog and frost.

Today with the foggy conditions still in effect and Sarah and I having to clean the studio I decided to bring my camera to town with us and have an improv photo shoot.

It was about -9C.
Really nice considering it is supposed to get down to -22C tonight.

Our community has a beautiful park with some really nice walking trails so away we went.

At first I just had her walk along. She had her camera with her as well so I grabbed some of her taking pictures also.
Then I told her to dance.
And she did...

Then I had her take her hair out and dance some more for me.

I love both her movement of her hair and her smiles on these.

This was a fun, freezing, half hour and I am so happy I took the opportunity to freeze this moment in time.
Before I know she is going to be moving out. In about 6 weeks she turns 15. Man how times flies.

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