Saturday, 5 January 2013

Christmas 2012

Yes I realize that it is now past Christmas, even past New Year's, actually even more than several days past the first of the year, but I am now finally getting my Christmas post up.
This year I was remiss with using my camera. To be honest I was just too busy until about the 28th.
We had our two boys home f'or the night Christmas Eve. We even had one of the girlfriend's come out and spend the evening of Christmas Eve with us.
In usual tradition, every one opened Christmas Eve gifts of jammies. Plus there is always also a family movie. This year I through a change in the usual and also gifted the family with two new board games. Qwelf and Scattergories.  Also as usual we had munchies for supper.
After the presents were opened we all sat down to watch the Christmas Eve movie. This year it was Brave. Actually quite a cute story. I really enjoyed it. Then we all decided to play the game Qwelf. Well let me tell you this was a blast.
We all laughed and had a ton of fun. I can't wait to play it again.
After that the girlfriend went home for the night and most everyone else retired. Me in usual fashion stayed up to finish wrapping presents. I promise one year I will be organized and have it all done before the 24th. One year...  After presents were done, I put french toast in the slow cooker and finished tiding up for the morning. Then I crashed. At 6 I woke up and started to get the turkey ready for the oven. At 7:30 Rob started to wake up the kids. My how things have changed. LOL
In our house first it's coffee for Mom and Dad while the kids check out what 'Santa' gave them. They are all very much aware that 'Santa' is Mom and Dad but it is a tradition that we have just never broke. This year I made them all blankets.
Then it is stocking time. After stocking time if anyone is hungry it is a small breakfast time. Ex. cereal. More coffee for Mom and Dad and now also the boys are wanting that as well. Then onto the tree presents.
This year was really nice. I had asked everyone for a list from the following 4 categories: want, need, play, and to wear. I am really glad I did this.
After that it is the brunch time and clean up time. Around 1 or so Matt's girlfriend came back out for the afternoon and the meal. Rob's parents showed up around 4. More presents each time. We were so spoiled. Then supper.
Lots of visiting and enjoying having everyone around.
Here are a few of the pics from the day that between Rob and myself we managed to capture.

Sarah and I were putting up decorations and Pepper decided she needed to help.
The boys with their blankets. You can also see Matt's homemade jammies. The boys jammies were WAY too big, but  since I was just guessing...
Sarah with her blanket.
The tree in all it's glory with a pile of presents all around. 
Sarah with her new toque cleaning up after stockings were done.
The boys chilling. Brandon wishing his girlfriend a Merry Christmas. 
Present time!!!
Matthew getting ready to tear into his gift. I think this was my favorite gift to do up this year.

Umm balloons??? Mom are you crazy?? Nope not crazy, just loving Pinterest. LOL He received American money as he went on a holiday there right after Christmas. 
Rob trying to figure out what is in this gift.

Sarah getting excited to see what this one was. This was my second favorite gift to give this year.
Mom are you serious? I really get this??

She has asked for a good camera for several years. I upgraded mine a couple years ago and Rob took it over. This winter he realized that he wasn't using it that much so we decided to go ahead and gift it to her. She was thrilled to pieces.
Rob managed to capture some of Christmas supper. His dad went off to find their camera.

OK I totally realize that this is a TERRIBLE picture of me but this way I can show off my Christmas present my new Keurig. I love it soooo much. Thank you honey!! 


  1. Love the jammies. I think I may have to start this tradition at our house and I might just make them.

    1. I love them to Michelle. I found a pattern on Pinterest. (Just check out my sewing board). They are SOOOOO easy to make. I made the boys, Sarah's, Rob's and then a young lady we refer to as our oldest. (A friend of the families, she lost her Mom two years ago this month, Rob, Sarah and I just sort of adopted her. LOL). For each pair it usually only took me about .5 hour to make. Easy peasy.

  2. I think this was a great wrap up post - and looks like y'all had a wonderful Christmas :)

    1. Thanks Aurie. I was crazy busy all day but it was really nice to have the 5 of us all together. That in itself is so rare.