Monday, 4 February 2013

February already??

Wow hard to believe January is already done. In some ways, I must say I am thrilled that it is and in others a little nervous with what is coming next.
January has dealt us some interesting blows.
Some not directly to my family and some were a direct hit.

However in that midst of all that I can see some fresh air.
A new beginning.
So in saying that I really want to keep focusing on the 3 in 30 goals.

As I said at the beginning of the year, I have some pretty major overall goals. I decided to break it down each month and work specifically on 3. However I decided that I wanted to keep focus on the goals from each month. So.... for February, I will have 3 fresh goals, but I will also keep working on my January ones.
I am not sure how I will be come November...But...

So for February's fresh goals...

1. Learn to let go and trust God!
This is gonna be huge. I am scared. I know HE has great plans for myself and my family in all of this so I am trying to learn how to be open and Let HIM have control. I think I will need TONS of prayer on this one.

2. Drink more water every day.
I made this a goal last year and for the month it worked great. Then I let it slide. I feel better when I am hydrated. Go figure. :)
So I am hoping to drink at least 6 8oz glasses per day.

3. Organizing daily and office.
My office often looks like a bomb went off. I sit down at my computer and have to move paperwork around. My goal for that is to clean it up and then keep it cleaned up. Organize it so that it is friendly for me to use.
Also  my daily schedule. I was doing this the beginning few weeks of January and it was working great. Helping me keep my focus, so I need to keep at this and get us organized.

These are the 3 goals I am carrying over from last month.
1. Spend every single day with time in the Word.

2. My blog.
Keep regular posting.

3. Our bills.
Keep working on that budget. 

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  1. Sherri, these goals look great! Keep up the great work!

  2. Awesome goals, Sherri! I am so glad to be participating with everyone this month! :-)

    1. It's awesome to do this isn't it. It can be very rewarding.