Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lazy days of summer

Well today I was super lazy.
In the fine words of my bloggy friend Michelle I was a sloth. :)
I should start by saying that for the most part I was alone today. My daughter had a sleepover in the city and of course hubby was working. So it was just me and kitty.
I talked on the phone.
I ate leftovers so I wouldn't have to cook. :)
I watched movie after movie.
I face-booked.
I read some blogs.

Then tonight I started to get itchy to do something useful.
So what did I decide to do?? I checked out Pinterest for new 'school' ideas. I pinned a ton of stuff. Lots of math ideas as that is where she is struggling the most but also some real practical tips for myself. Some cool science experiments and basically some really neat ideas.

I am looking forward to trying them out and seeing what I can do with them.

I also had a couple of phone calls from my boys. Tomorrow is my birthday and after church Sarah and I are meeting up with them for lunch. I love having all my children together.

I hope everyone's weekend is going well. I promise in the next week that I will post some pics from Sarah and mine Vegas trip.


  1. I keep hearing about people pinning things for school on Pinterest. I'm on there, but I get overwhelmed by the pages and pages of stuff and I haven't quite figured it all out yet. 8)

    1. It has taken me quite some time too to be honest. I just went on the Education one last night and that is where I found so many ideas.

  2. It's nice to have a quiet day to do things like this.