Sunday, 1 July 2012

Celebrating Canada Day in the U.S.A.

Well I will admit that other than watch my beautiful daughter preform on stage we did a whole lot of nothing besides the pool today. If we had been home we would have went to church and then probably into a bigger center for Canada Day festivities. However being here sitting by the pool this year was pretty great too. I am very proud today. I'm proud of the wonderful country that I reside in. I realize that I have some wonderful American friends whom also have a great country however Cananda is mine. I'm so proud and in awe of the many men and women who work to keep our country safe. Sacrificing so much so that I can live And raise our children in a country that is free. I'm also so proud of our girl. She danced in Vegas today!!! How freaking cool is that. (minor brag moment here. Lol ). She didn't dance her best preformance but she got up on stage and preformed. She remembered her steps, she kept time with the music and most of all she did it!! I realize that she has been dancing all spring this solo but this was a big deal for her to come all the was here and preform it in front if so many people. I'm proud of my wonderful hubby. He works so hard so that we were able to come here and do this. I'm proud of my handsome sons. Our oldest is staying at our house while we are away looking after our kitty and the middle is growing up right before my eyes. Days like this all I can really do is sit back and thank God for the many blessings he has bestowed on myself and my family. Thank you Lord!!!!


  1. That's awesome for your daughter - woohoo!!

    1. It is such a gift to see them excel at whatever they are gifted with. :)