Friday, 1 June 2012

3 in 30

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to be back. When I was gone I constantly though in blog posts. LOL
So here I am and it feels amazing. I still am dragging my hind tucus but at least my mental state is a bit better. :)
I missed most of Aprils goals and never even made any for May so June is a great start for me to jump right back in.
1. Finish all the work outside, other than regular summer maintenance of course.
We bought a gazebo for the outside to replace our old one. This one is better suited for the space and the old ones tarp was completely ruined. We want to build a small deck for it to sit on so that we will be off the ground and it should also make the space a bit prettier. My windows all need washed and I just want to clear out some of the junk we have.
 This is where the new gazebo is also going to go. This one we will probably give to our boys. LOL

2. Clean out our spare room that has turned from our old school room to a junk hole. I promised my daughter that she could move back into there if she could show me she could stay on track. I did this for a couple reasons. One so she could have less distractions and I could carry on with my regular work when she was working independently and second is so I could have a good reason to clean out the room. I am a tad imbarrased to show you these pics but I am hoping it motivates me even more.

What a mess I have in there. :)

3. We rent our home and the main bathroom desperatly needs redone. I am heading over to talk to the landlord this weekend and see what can be done about it. As you can see the tub and tub surround need replacing as does the sink, and the flooring. I am hoping that either he does it or allows it to be taken off in rent for us to do it. 

We have friends coming the 3 week in June so I am really hoping everything is completely done by then. Looks like my handsome hubby is going to have to work extra hard on his next set of days off. LOL

I am so pumped up today to be linking up with Aurie at Welcome to a Good life!!! Thank you Aurie for continuing this!!


  1. Hey Sherri! Those are great goals - I'll be cheering you on :) you can totally do this!!

    1. Awe thank you Aurie!! I know that it will be hard work but I am so looking forward to the outcome. :) I hope you have a very blessed weekend.

  2. It's always a sense of accomplishment when you get a room organized. The before and after pictures are always so inspiring to others thinking about doing the same thing. Will look forward to seeing your progress during the month!

    1. I love that feeling of getting a room organized. I just need to get it done now. LOL This morning was yard work and I am hoping tomorrow is taking down the old gazebo. One step at a time I guess. LOL
      I will keep posting about it for sure. It helps keep me on track as well. That is the thing I love about 3 in 30.

  3. Best wishes on the junk room. It's so easy to pile up and such a chore to get through it all. You'll do it though!

    1. Thank you. It easy to try and hide the mess and deal with it later, however later has arrived.
      Thank you for your confidence. I have walked in there twice this weekend trying to figure out where to start and walked out again. Hopefully I can get motivated this week. :)