Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What a Wednesday

I must say today was interesting.
I have been freezing at night. Not sure what is happening but I lay in bed shivering trying to warm up for a good half hour. (This is even with my heated mattress pad on). Anyhooo... back to the original subject today.
So needless to say I did not have a great sleep last night.
However I was feeling fairly perky this morning and was up and about waking up Sarah and getting things ready a little ahead of schedule and then...
We hit a road block.
I am not sure exactly what.
Sarah had a hard time getting into school today.
She was taking her time was not focusing really well.
I was grumpy and lots of little things were annoying me.
I did manage to alter and label all but one of her dance costumes. The last one is still needing to be sewn. Oops. Thank goodness I see my Mom on Friday she will help me out. :)
Then off to dance we went.
Things perked up for a bit but I still found myself out of sorts. Quick to anger, slow to relax.
I did have to chuckle when Sarah was in the shower before we left for dance. I could here her splashing around in the water that was draining and I asked her what she was doing. She said dancing. Then she burst into song. "I feel like dancing, dancing, dance the night away. I feel like dancing, dancing dance the night away. Whooooo"
Then after dance she had a esthetician's appt. to be all beautified.
After that Sarah and I managed to hook up our sled/quad trailer to my truck. The only man we had assisting us was my hubby via long distance phone call. We did it!! Whoohoooo!!!
Then signed onto my blog and I spend part of the evening catching up. I was reading my blogging friend Jenilee's post when I saw she mentioned me. Awe it made my heart really happy. Thank you sooo much Jenilee!!!!

Still not feeling 100%. I am thinking early bedtime with some time spend in His Word. :)

Have a great night everyone.


  1. I love that you got the atv trailer rigged. I would have been lost at the word hitch. ;)

    1. LOL I actually hook up our camper trailer and haul it myself often. (The things you do when your hubby is always away working. :) )
      But this was the first time I hooked up the ATV trailer though. It was pretty easy for the most part. Good thing I paid attention when hubby was doing it. hahahahaha