Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Don't you just love productive days?
Days when everything goes great.
You manage to get everything checked off of your to-do list.
When your family is full from the amazing supper you made.
The house is filled with the aroma of baking.
Floors are squeaky clean.
The dishes are all washed and put away.
Laundry is all done and tucked away in everyone's drawers.

Yep I love those days too.

They are not always frequent in my house.
But when they are. Ahhhh........

Today, well today was semi productive.
However after my week last week anything I did around the house would have been great!

I did manage to get 90% of the laundry done.
I did manage to roast a chicken. Just not in time for supper. We dined on leftovers tonight. The chicken is for the next few days when life is going to be crazy busy again. I managed to boil some eggs and peel them so I can make my daughter some egg salad sandwiches.
I did manage to get some baking done. Mostly for myself. Man that sounds so selfish. But I need GF snacks so I concentrated on those first. Tomorrow I will make some more for Sarah.
I did manage to get most of the dishes done. They are drying on the counter as we speak and one pot (the roast chicken pot) is in the sink soaking.
Floors were not even washed but I did find my bathroom.
I did manage to wash my sheets and remake my bed.

I still look around my house and see so much to do. However I am happy I am healthy enough to accomplish what I did today.

How was your day? Did you manage to have a great one?


  1. I am in the middle of one of those weeks! LOL!! I seem to get one thing done and then turn around to see about 5 more that need to be added to my list. Yikes!

    1. Funny how those weeks just seem to sneak up on us hey. LOL
      Hope the rest of your week goes great!!