Monday, 23 April 2012


Have you ever looked at a picture and thought I wish I could look like that?
Or how about looked in the mirror. Really looked and not been happy with what you see?
It is crazy really as God sees us as amazing so how come we can't see ourselves the same way?
I decided that I am not happy with my health.
I am also not happy with my body but I am working on my health first.
I have a love affair with junk food.
Chocolate in particular.
I need to learn how to eat better. Not binge eat.
The funny thing is that I also enjoy fruits and veggies.
I often eat salads and enjoy chicken and fish.
However I also eat food that is bad for me. Too much of it.
I managed to go the last three months with no chewy candy and no pop. I did it for Lent and then when that was over I decided to stay off of them.
I desperately wanted to get back on my treadmill but haven't managed that yet.
So I guess this post is about me starting fresh.
Starting at the beginning of my road to change.
Learning restraint and getting energy again.
Changing my health and my attitude.
I plan to blog about my journey so wish me well.
So you can also see my journey visually and so I also stay focused I though I would include a picture of myself.

Yep not the best picture, but in my defense I am tired and I have only a couple places with mirrors. LOL
So here goes nothing folks.


  1. Well, I think you are beautiful! But I know what you mean - I too, sometimes look in the mirror and think - "Oh my arms are too fat!" or "My tummy is too pudgy!" My problem is that I don't eat at regular intervals. I'm learning that my body burns more if I eat a little more. Skipping breakfast (just because I'm not hungry in the mornings) doesn't do me any favors. (And I like sweets a little too much.)

    So, yay! You'll do great! Sometimes it's just the stopping and noticing that makes all the difference!


    1. Thank you Lynette!! I too like to skip breakfasts and it is a terrible habit I am working hard to break.