Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Just because...

We had an amazing time on hubbies days off. We reconnected with some old friends which sadly live about 5 minutes away and we had never been to their place, we made new friends, (well new to me, my handsome hubby works with him), we had lunch with great friends and even managed some alone time.

However great this all was, it still left me wondering why I have not heard back from the two adoption agencies I emailed asking for information. I have waited and waited thinking they both might be busy, but now I think it is time to call and see what is going on.

We also are praying right now that the right for us house comes on the market in the price range we can afford and in the location we desire. I know we are asking for a lot. I must say I am just so done with all this driving. Also I really would like to own something of our own. Put our stamp on it and honor God with it.

I also have great news that both our sons received new jobs. Better paying, better hours, jobs. Jobs that will have them both living independently I am so excited for them.

Well it is off to bed for this girlie as I woke up Saturday morning with a bit of chest congestion, Sunday and Monday was laryngitis and today it just a nice deep nasty cough. Unfortunately handsome hubby also caught it and is now back to work suffering with it.

I am also enjoying the link up party with Jenilee over at Our Goodwin Journey. for "just because" link up.
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  1. love your just because post! a great update post on what is going on for you right now! :) thanks for linking up!

  2. So happy to hear that your sons got some good jobs! Rest for a momma's heart. :)

    Sorry you're sick. :( Lots of stuff going around. Get some zinc going!