Friday, 18 November 2011

3 in 30 update

Well with the snow this week also came the colder temps. I don't normally mind till it gets down to -30 or so and then brrrrrrrr.

This past week has actually been pretty good. I love the fact that I am setting goals for myself that benefit so many around me and making myself into a much better person. A much better Christian.

1.  Start some of my Christmas presents.
Ok this is the one thing that I am lacking a bit on. I have started Christmas shopping but not the homemade gifts as of yet. I did buy some beautiful fleece to make my son's girlfriend a blankie for her birthday and also another panel and back to make another baby quilt. I just haven't been inspired yet. Hopefully soon though. I might have to scrap the idea of blankets for each of the kids for Christmas though. I for sure want to make the boys a couple of tablecloths even though they might never use them except when Grandparents come by they might appreciate them in years to come.

2.  Keep working on my Christian growth.
Now this one has been interesting. I did start my Monvee pack this week. The first thing you do is watch a video. It has 6 segments in it and I am on segment 4. All I can say is Wow!! It really hits you. The other thing that I have been trying to do is leave myself open for what God is saying to me. Such as what other women have said either in person or in their blogs that hits me personally. It has really made me think a lot about my growth and how I would like to be as a Christian. I will admit there is a good amount of fear in this. Change is very hard and being able to accept the change so I can grow is harder.

I have also made sure that not only are my daughter and I doing the Daily Bread Devotionals in the morning before school we are also doing her teen devotional before she goes to bed. Talking with her and teaching her as well as her teaching me as been a wonderful experience. I am so grateful for this time with her and for her willingness to learn more about His Word.

3.  Be a better spouse.
Ok this has been fun. I am not a great spouse by any means. I get grumpy, I sometimes let the little things drive me crazy, I take it out on my handsome hubby when I don't mean too, I tend to focus more on what is happening in my day to day life then his.
This month I have been working harder and harder to change that. I have been emailing him letters, I am making sure that I do not complain about him, I talk about how lucky I am to be married to him.
The letters I think are the best part for me. I love that he knows that I love him and am sooooo thrilled to be called Mrs Rob Davidson!! In our vows I stated that I would obey him. Now he will joke about that now, but what I really wanted to get across with that statement is that I would submit to him. He is the figure head in my family. I will defer to him. I love him and I trust him wholeheartedly. He is my angel that God sent for me.
I am one lucky bird. :)

What about you? How did your week go? Are some of you ladies like Sam and have ideas for next month already? I am linking up with Ashey at the 3 in 30 weekly challenge. Come stop over and check out some other fantastic blogs and cheer them on.

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