Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fall TV

I love, love, love fall, autumn, the season before winter. However you word it, it is truly my favorite season.
I mean what is there not to love?
You have, crisper weather.( a nice relief after so many hot summer days.)
You have, the wonderful smells.
Gardens being harvested.
Leaves being raked.
Pumpkin anything being made.
It is all together a wonderful season.

Today I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite things. New episodes of some of my favorite shows.
Although we don't watch a ton of television around here, there are some shows that I love. In fact so much so that I PVR them.
So for fun today I thought I would list them.
Here they go in no particular order.

1. The Big Bang Theory.
I love all the characters of this show. The humor in it has me laughing for days afterwards. You can often find me quoting them.

2. Grey's Anatomy
I truly understand why some individuals do not like this show, but it seems no matter what they throw at me I keep coming back season after season to watch.

3. Private Practice.
Must admit I like this one better than Grey's. The story lines are usually much better.

4. Duck Dynasty!!!!
New season starts Oct 10th!! These Robertson's have me in love with them. What I think is even more funny is I like them so much more than my hubby.

5. Bun Heads.
Not sure if any of you watch this or not, but it is essentially about a dance school. If anyone ever watch Gilmore Girls (which I was a HUGE fan of and so sad that it is not longer on air. In fact have re-watched most of the episodes 6 times.) you will love this one as well. There is many of the same characters and the dialog is similar.

6. Cake boss.
I love seeing what they can create. There is some talented people there.

7. Brothers and Sisters
This isn't one that I will set the PVR for, but when I am around and manage to catch it I really enjoy it.

8. Vegas
This one is new this year, however I can see it becoming one of my favorites. I mean it has Dennis Quaid in it. Hello! hahahaha

9. Pawn stars
Alright I will admit this is more my hubbies than mine but I am being nice here. LOL I do really enjoy this show though. I love seeing some of the old and neat stuff they have come in their shop.

10. Storage Wars.
I could use without the drama but again love the stuff that they manage to find.

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  1. I'm with you on Duck Dynasty and Bunheads. My favs are NCIS/NCIS LA, Bones and Leverage!

  2. Loved reading this. First of all Gilmore Girls is the.best.show.ever. I have been laid off for several months [single mom] so we haven't had cable. We own all the GG's DVD's and we are almost finished with Season 7. Do you watch Parenthood? My daughter loves Bunheads. It is very reminiscence of GG. Love Big Bang too! :) Nice list.

    1. I agree Gilmore girls rocked!! I occasionally watch Parenthood but must admit not a lot. A good chunk of our shows are PVRed and then when I can I watch them. As my daughter dances 5 nights a week and we live .5 hour away it doesn't leave a ton of TV time. But when I can...