Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Top 10 chores. What is your favorite?

I was thinking of all the things today that I could write a top 10 about and I came up with....
OK I had lots of ideas, but none that really inspired me today. Then tonight I had an inspiration. I started to think about all the stuff I do around here. (meaning chores/housework) and it hit me my 10 favorite chores.
So here they are...
My top 10 favorite chores.
1. Laundry. I love, love, love to do laundry. I love the smell of clean laundry. I love to hang it out on the line and watch it blow dry. I love to sort, wash, dry, fold, even put away my clothes, etc... I love knowing that I have a drawer full of clean clothes. We don't have to go searching for a pair of socks because they are all clean and put away (hopefully in my daughters case).

2. Cleaning up the kitchen.
I love having a clean kitchen. I think I got this from my mom who always insisted that the kitchen be tidied up. The stove always had to be wiped. Now my kitchen is a small obsession for me. We have a breakfast nookie area and it always gets cluttered up. It is supposed to only hold my mixer and the fruit bowl but somehow it is often the catch all. I am WAY happier when everything is tidied up in there. The dishes washed, preferred put away. Floor swept and washed. I love walking into a clean kitchen morning, noon or night. :)

3. Cleaning the bathroom.
Yep you heard me right. I love to clean the bathroom. Even the stinky dirty toilet. I love being able to make it sparkle again. I also very much dislike walking into a dirty bathroom. (My daughter has the main bathroom to herself as we have an en-suite we use. It drives me crazy when she doesn't clean up. )

4. Baking.
I enjoy making treats for my family and myself. :)
I love being able to know what goes into the treats my children and husband eat as well as now makes some delicious GF treats for myself. I like to find new recipes and try them out and see what becomes a new family favorite.

5. Making my bed.
I most always make my bed in the morning or when my eyes actually open. LOL
I love climbing into a freshly made bed and I enjoy walking into my room when the bed is made. I can even ignore a very cluttered dresser when my bed is neat and tidy.

6. Washing the walls.
So this might not be a usual occurrence. My walls do not get washed every week or honestly even every month or even every other month but they usually get washed about every 3-4 months. I actually really enjoy doing this. I know that no one really notices it but I do. :)

7. Mopping the floor.
This actually used to be on my dislike list but since I have my new mop and not on my hands or knees or spraying harse chemical around it is now on my like list.
I used to use a swiffer wet jet, after I stopped getting on my hands and knees. (which if I want a REALLY good clean I still do) and I loved the ease of the wet jet. However I very much disliked the chemicals that I was spraying on the floor. Then I bought a Rubbermaid Reveal Mop. This is really similar as a Wet Jet but way more environmentally healthy and healthy on the pocketbook. You use whatever cleaning product you want with water and spray and mop away. Makes me happier. :)

8. Doing the dishes.
This too used to be on the dislike list, now though as my passion for a clean kitchen grows and the fact that my dishwasher will never ever work probably in this water I have learned to like doing dishes.

9. Organizing.
This is not by any means a daily chore. But then again it probably is. I always have to do something every day in the way of organizing. Whether its clothes, school work, food, or whatever comes my way, I always have to sort things out. I enjoy doing this. I like to be organized. Although don't come into my home right now and think that I am, it would scare the socks right off of you. :)

10. Valcumning.
I will totally admit that this does not get done every day. Even every other day. I will do it at least once a week. However just because this chore does not get done very often does not mean I do not enjoy it. There is something so clean looking about a freshly valcumned rug. :) I will explain shortly why this enjoyed chore does not get done as often as it should. :)

Now just to play it fair and also to have a little bit of fun I decided to give you a very quick recount of the top 10 chores that I dislike.

1. Cleaning up pet hair.
This is such a time consuming job and I never seem to be able to stay on top of it.

2. Cleaning the cat litter pan.
I would say that this is probably self explanatory. LOL

3. Windows.
Flies climb all over them and poop. Rain spots, and dust. :(

4. Dusting.
This is why my valcuming does not get done as often as I would like. I dislike to dust but hate to valcum if it hasn't been dusted. Yep vicious cycle. hahahahaha

5. Taking the garbage to the road for pickup.
I know, i know this is an easy job. However for some reason I don't care for this chore. If I can I usually make sure that either hubby takes it out or my kids. :)

6. Along the same lines... Recycling.
Now do not get me wrong I really enjoy recycling in the fact that we are doing it. I love knowing that we are helping the environment even if it is a tiny bit. However I am not fond of actually taking everything out of the house to the bins. This is now Sarah's job. :)

7. Cleaning up my office.
It just more and more full of paper. My dumping ground so to speak. It is a good thing that my 'office' is only a desk and a filing cabinet.

8. Getting the water bottles refilled.
It is fine once I do it, but oh how I wish I could always pass this chore onto someone else. :)

9. Cleaning up my truck.
I live in this thing one would think that this would not be such a bother but oh how it is. I love it is when it is clean...But oh the work of getting it in that state, only to have it messy shortly after. :)

10. Cleaning up my hair.
I lose a ton of hair all the time. I for a long time used to pull it out in my sleep and even now when I get overly stressed I do it again. Therefore my bathroom floor as it is loose when I go to the washroom in the morning and my bedroom floor on my side of the bed (also same spot as where I do my hair everyday) gets full of hair. This is gross no two ways about it but my of my I wish I could find an easy way to have that cleaned. My method getting down on my hands and knees and 'scraping' the rug with my hand is not fun at all.

So that wraps it up. 10 likes and 10 dislikes for chores.
I hope everyone enjoyed them or at the very least had a chuckle or two.

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  1. I loved it as soon as I started asking my kids to do the dusting. It was so much better than doing it myself. I hate dusting!

    1. Yep I agree. I have no idea why it drives me so crazy.