Monday, 27 February 2012

What a day.

So last week I lost another Uncle. One that although I was not close to still was close to my parents.
Now I must admit that I was tossed up about going. It is a 2 hour trip one way and to be honest I was being a bit lazy. However I decided that I should take my daughter. She had never been to a funeral before and with the age of my family I figure it is only a matter of time before she will be put in that spot.
I figured that the funeral of a family member that she really never knew was a good one to begin.

So we dash around this morning getting ready, ironing pants, picking out shirts and shoes, grabbing a large travel mug of coffee for this tired Momma and away we go.

I am really glad we went. I am super glad that I could be there to support my parents as well as my Aunt and cousins.

I am also really happy I brought Sarah. They did have an open casket at the front of the church so she also was able to see a body without it being someone really close to her.

Afterwards we went back to Mom and Dad's and visited for a while and then they insisted they take Sarah and I out for supper.

The drive home was also a lot of fun. We spent the time talking and singing songs. Ranging from country to gospel and back again. We took turns picking the song from my phone and away we would sing. Sometimes acting crazy and sometimes lost in the rejoicing of His word.

Halfway home when the sun was setting so pretty we pulled over and grabbed a few shots with my phone.

As always I was amazed at how God provides and works in my life.
I hope you are all having a glorious week so far. :)

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