Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Our holiday pics. part two

Time for some more pics.
I thought I would throw in a few today from the ferry. We managed to arrive at the ferry terminal in just the right amount of time. While waiting the small half hour for the ferry, hubby went to the restroom and I ran and grabbed Starbucks (yummmm). Then it was time to load and away we went.

Here we are!!!!!!

The market where I ran into to get some Starbucks!! Yummmmmmmm.....

Driving up the ramp into the ferry. I took about 6 pictures of this I was so excited. I think my handsome hubby thought that I had lost my mind.

Another ferry similar to ours.

Looking out over the pier at my gorgeous ocean. Oh how I have missed you.

I was taking pics of my hubby and the outside when he grabbed the camera and told me to pose.

The ferry heading back to the mainland. Not so excited this time, but content none the less. Can you see the rainbow in the background?

God's glory for all to enjoy and believe. There was a complete arc of a rainbow that I attempted to capture but had difficulty. I managed on my cell phone to get it in threes.

I think this pic might find its way blown up and framed in our home. For a born and raised Saskatchewan girl I find such peace in this picture.

Well that is it for part two. Hopefully within the next day or so I can post the rest.

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