Monday, 16 December 2013

3 in 30 update

Well as predicted things are on the full swing crazy here.
Yesterday we got possession of the house so I spend 3hrs driving one way to get the keys and clean. It's honestly sad what a mess they left. They never even swept the floor let alone anything else. Then I drove back here to spend the night. Today I'm off doing the same thing.
The bad part about all of it is the terrible winter driving conditions. Yesterday I drove there in freezing rain and home in blowing, drifting snow. Praying the roads are better today and that we have good roads the day we are hauling everything up.

As for my 3 in 30... Well not to bad I guess.

1. Time with The Lord.
This is super important to me. I've been managing to stay up on my advent study so far. After tomorrow though I might fall a bit behind. Really praying I don't. I NEED that time with Him.
Sarah was in an amazing Christmas play and yesterday she asked me about making a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Day. I've long thought about this but wasn't sure how to bring it in. This year we are going to attempt it. I'm loving her heart and her honesty.
If you can remember she would love some prayers. She is struggleing with the move. Both with her friends and with God. She just really needs to be covered in prayer.

2. Making sure I'm somewhat organized.
I'm not sure this is working. Lol. For the most part it's not bad. I have things lined up the best I can and am praying it all works out.

3. Focus on being less stressed.
This week is going to be crazy, insane, intense, busy, nuts. But it's a good kind of intensity. I'm exhausted and I've only got day 1 done, but I'm really so happy. I am really praying for no snow and good roads as well as no injuries. We have our middle son helping so that's gonna be awesome. Also looking forward to just being still for a bit. I'm trying hard not to think about all the stuff yet to do for Christmas. We are also getting a puppy this Friday. Yep gonna add to the funny farm. Lol

All in all life is amazing. Yep we are going through a crazy period but we are happy, healthy and together.

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