Thursday, 11 April 2013

A moment

I am taking a brief moment today to sit down and write again.
We have been so busy around here with dance season that I haven't had a spare moment to myself and when I have had one...well I've sat on the couch and read a book or played Candy Crush. LOL
However I have about a 100 blogs post running around in this little head of mine so I want to sit down and make some sense of them.
I also wanted you all to know that things are really good here.
Just busy.
But then again what Mom isn't??
So my goal is to write a few posts and then get some of them actually up on the blog during the next few weeks.
A big order I know. hahahahaha

Ok some of them will include a dance Mom's life, cleaning house, organizing...
I have a lot rolling around in this space between my ears. hahahaha

Until then have a great day!!!

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