Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Top Ten Highlights from our impromptu family reunion

Well I should know by now that nothing and I repeat nothing about my family runs smoothly. However I even I wasn't anticipating some of the events that happened.

Here is the Top Ten in no particular order.

1. Our trip to Vancouver Island should have been fairly easy. We were supposed to fly from Edmonton to Calgary and then on to Comox. Pretty easy right?
There was a few glitches along the way. What was supposed to only be 2.25 hour trip ended up being 14 hours.
They had a minor issue in Edmonton that caused a delay so long we missed our flight out of Calgary so we got to spend the night in Calgary. The next morning that flight was delayed and then once in the air we faced a head wind so even in the air it took longer.
We spent a lot of time laughing over the matter because really what else could you do.
Here we are laughing like hyenas.

2. Finally getting to our sister's on the island. Get to bed late at night and I end up sleeping on a air mattress that went flat.

3. My parents stressed and worried as they couldn't get ahold of my brother and his wife. Turns out there flight was also delayed getting into Vancouver and then there was a communication breakdown about where they should fly into next. They got there, just took them a while as well.

4. Seeing the place where we brought Sarah home.
This was actually really hard for me. We lived in a shared acreage with my sister. The boys were little here, it as I said was the place we brought Sarah home. Things have changed. (Which I knew they should but still it was hard).
I love the island and it was hard being there and knowing that things are so different.

5. Seeing my niece again after a couple of years.
We are only not quite 4 years apart.
She is now a Mom of two beautiful children.

6. Playing Bocce ball with all my sisters. Then getting bored with the regular game so inventing new ways to play it.

7. Having a chance to walk around the golf course they have made and admire the beautiful scenery and the flowers that my sister has planted.

8. My sister asking for a 'little bit of wine'. So this is what I brought her.

9. Of course the laughter!!!

10. And last but most definitely not least favorite memory is spending time as a family. We love to be together and bond. However we do it. Whether it is sharing a 'little bit of wine', or playing bocce ball together. Whether it is laughing about something crazy or delayed and bumpy plane rides. It all still is wonderful memories made of time together.

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  1. What a great trip!! Sounds lovely and full of laughter, memories and love!

    1. It was awesome Aurie!! We are already planning one for 2014.